Beyond Leadership

Beyond leadership – creating conscious leaders for tomorrow

Anna Ullenius, Beyond LeadershipBeyond Leadership and conscious leadership is about BEING rather than doing.
It is about empowerment, rather than having power over others.
It is about being a leader that is insightful and inspires others.

Do you dare to leave your comfort zone and step into your true potential?

Beyond Leadership through horses is a powerful class that will increase awareness and efficiency in reaching goals, both personal and organizational.
Horses will greet you with a true intimacy, without judgment. They take us to a powerful presence and increase our awareness. This is a form of coaching that opens up endless possibilities. Using horses, we highlight the places where you limit yourself, and get the unconscious into the light of consciousness so you can change whatever is a limitation.

Topics include:

  • Self-awareness / Authenticity
  • Strategic Awareness
  • Conscious and Personal Leadership
  • Congruent and effective communication

What if you embodied so much consciousness that people around you became more conscious as the result of it?