Release insights with coaching

Would you like to grow as a person and leader?
Would you like to lead yourself and others from a different space?
What is required for your vision to become a reality, both professionally and privately?

Coaching gives you the freedom to live your life to the fullest, no matter where you are right now, private and professional. You get constructive tools to take you from the present situation to the desired position.

It may be in areas such as career and professional life, the relationship with yourself, others and life itself. Coaching develops your self-awareness and self-confidence and helps you become the person you actually already are – to be authentic.

Anna Ullenius has worked with development and change for individuals, leaders, groups and organizations for more than 20 years. Anna sees opportunities and can bring out the potential of each one and every one. With great presence, warmth and simplicity, she gives the clients contact with their own greatness.

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Coaching with horses

Step into your power and presence

Do you dare to leave your comfort zone and step into your true potential?
Would you like to invite to more opportunities and joy?

Horses will greet you with a true immediacy, totally without judgment. They take us to the powerful presence and increase our awareness. This is a form of coaching that opens up to endless possibilities.

Using horses, we highlight the places where you limit yourself, to change the energy so that you get access to endless choices and opportunities. Simply access the phenomenal you!

Symphony sessions

Symphony sessionWhat happens when you no longer need to separate from anything or anyone, including yourself?
Symphony sessions invite you and your body to be more present. A Symphony session can change the molecules in the body. It is like a symphony of new possibilities, an acoustic wave of togetherness.

I thank Dr. Dain Heer for teaching me this magical process to create change in the body, mind and consciousness. // Anna Ullenius

Coaching Anna Ullenius

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Coaching Anna Ullenius
During treatment, my body moves, alternating between intensity and laughter. All resistance is gone. I am close to myself and awake. Laughter and Life bubbles in the body. After the session it is like a shell has fallen off and I have more access to me, my body and more awareness and opportunities, both in the everyday life and in the bigger perspective. For weeks after I experience joy and my abilities and awareness continues to to expand.
Marja NorlinYoga Instructor