Joy of Being You through horses

Horses greet you with true intimacy, totally without judgment. They journey us to our powerful presence and increase our awareness.

Joy of Being You through horses is a class that opens up endless possibilities. Using horses we highlight the places that you have placed limits on yourself, changing the energy so that you can access endless choices and opportunities.

Simply access the phenomenal you!

Joy of being you through horses

Some of the areas we will address:

  Clear old blockages and invite a new way to be you, without judgments or limitations.
  Being present and vulnerable in your relationship with yourself and others.
  You as the creator of your life; Your inner power, leadership and potential.
  More access to you and your body’s amazing awareness.

The horses energy, sensitivity and healing ability are a major part of the process to help you step into your power and presence. The days are based on exercises with the horses as co-facilitators in a safe environment.

No previous horse experience is required.