testimonials Anna Ullenius

I’ve met you 1,5 year ago in Umbria, Italy in a workshop for leaders and you guided us for an afternoon with the horses. I’ve cried days after that intense experience and your words “what if there was never anything wrong with you and what if you being you is the best the world needs”. That afternoon changed my life completely! I’ve got self-acceptance and I’ve been making decisions with my heart instead of my mind. You’ve just pushed the button that started that power that was deep within me, but that was afraid to fail and to be judged. Now 1,5 year later I lost almost 50 kilos, am more kind to myself and took distance from people that were unbalancing my energy, got a new job with a high social responsibility instead of making more and more profits. I can’t wait to experience all the other things life will bring me. It’s because of you that I could find myself and let me be me. I am forever thankful of all you gave to me that day. You are that inspiring person you posted about! Just really wanted you to know that you are a life changer and that I still got your inspiration every day! Very nice to know that you will do more classes. It will make the earth a better place

Angela Van de KlokNetherlands
Anna, thank you for a magic course, truly transformational, beyond words. I’m so so grateful. How does it get EVEN better than that?

The class gave me space to gain more deep insights of how I stop myself from being fully alive. The uniqueness of the class is that I got to play with the newly gained experience in the meeting with the horses. It was big, and a bit magic and very very powerful to experience my new power, relaxation, joy, ease, and playfulness together with the four legged, sensing creatures. A very special meeting! A very special way to work with my personal development. And You, yes you are my longing to be, you are big. Thank you again! To be continued…

AnnMindfulness instructor
Back 2 years ago when I took a horse class CHCR with Anna I was a very unhappy person. I had been in a stressful job, money wasn’t flowing in like it ‘should’. The relationship I was in with my partner was not good, I remember thinking how I would get yelled regarding the cost of the class, and for even going to it. My horse time was suffering… I rarely spent time with them.

After the class this have changed! I now I have 2-part time jobs that I love. Anna helped me find my confidence, my horse Cody and I reconnected. I found more joy in my jobs! My life at home has more ease and joy. Money flows with much more ease. I’m so excited for another opportunity to ride with Anna, to learn and grow with others who love horses and wish to change their reality

Barb FoxCanada
Thank you dear Anna for the wonderful evening with the horses. A whole new world has begun to open up to me after the healing that both you and Benetton have contributed to. We meet again. Many grateful hugs!
Bozenna MontwillAuthorized Veterinary
The class gave me everything from a deeper contact with horses and different approach to life, to improve love relationship. Unplanned emotions raised by the will in a way that feels safe. In the special touch with horses huge feelings came up out of nowhere. I met very friendly and insightful horses. Everything took place on an idyllic farm with wonderful leaders and participants.
Annas horse class (CHCR) 2017 was a true game changer for me. Anna uncovered where my limitations lied within the first hour. After clearing the limitations, I connected with my horse on a level I couldn’t even imagine! It was an amazing experience and I am so grateful  I can’t imagine what is possible for the next class?? What magic will we create?? I have no expectations. I know it will be awesome.
Kristen Landerl-HughesCanada
It was absolutely magical! Thank you Anna for your horses and great allowance and presence and your incredible ability to pick up exactly what was needed and that got everyone to grow!
I highly and warmly recommend Anna’s horse coaching classes! She has a unique way of using horses in coaching and inspiring people to transform their lives and living situations. The classes I have taken with Anna have been a door opener for me, to be more of me, make choices for me and be able to do things outside my comfort zone. It’s fun and powerful to interact with the horses and sense the energy during these classes. Everything comes to clarity in these sessions. Anna’s classes are truly an invitation to be more conscious and aware so you will be able to make the changes you desire in life. I’m so grateful for the possibilities the classes have, and will open up for me.